EICR inspection in the UK: How it Works, Costs & Everything You Need to Know



phs Compliance been carrying out commercial EICR inspection services across the UK for years, and we’ve decided to put together an easy to follow guide to help you maintain compliance while also improving workplace safety.

First - the obvious. What exactly is an EICR and what do you need to do?

What does an electrical test involve?

You might be wondering what happens during an electrical safety check. The basic requirement is that all electrical installations and equipment should be tested and inspected, with the results recorded. This also includes checking components for wear and tear, faulty wiring or anything else that could pose a potential risk, especially risks based on electric shocks or dangerously high temperatures. The results will then be broken down into the following categories:


C1 - Danger present, immediate remedial action required. This is the most serious category and repairs, or replacements should be carried out immediately, and also reported to the site contact.

C2 - Potentially dangerous, urgent remedial work required

FI – Further investigation required.


C3 - Recommendations for improvement or advisories for improvement are still given, these are usually defects within the installation that do comply to a previous edition of the regulation, but may not comply with the latest edition of the regulations.

Once all required repairs have been carried out to C1, C2 and FI defects, and all supporting documentation has been carried out to provide a detailed audit trail that the defects have been completed then the installation is classified as satisfactory.

How often does an EICR need to be done?

Under the requirements of the Electricity at work regulations 1989, it is a legal requirement that all electrical installations have an EICR carried out. Depending on the industry, type of installation, and the associated risk this can range from 6 months to 5 years, however these are maximum frequencies as indiated within Guidance note 3 but ultimately, it is the electrical engineers decision based on his engineering knowledge and the overall condition of the installation.

This requirement also applies to rented domestic properties and landlords are expected to carry out an EICR on properties every as a minimum every 5 years.

Is an electrical installation certificate the same as an EICR?

No it isnt, an electrical installation certificate is produced when a new installation has been completed, or a distribution board has been replaced.

How do I prepare for an electrical inspection?

Generally, no major preparation is needed before an inspection - it’s important for the inspectors to see your installations in the situation and setup that they are used regularly. However, there are some things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

For example:

  • Make sure no parts of the building are blocked off or difficult to access
  • Ensure access to main electrical rooms and the Gas and Water supplies
  • Remove any objects or possessions that may be placed around the building and that could get in the inspector’s way when looking for electrical accessories, or items of electrical equipment
  • If you’re on a prepaid meter, ensure it is loaded with enough credit for the tests to be carried out.

Commercial EICR Inspections and Electrical Inspections Services

Here at phs Compliance, we are the UK’s largest and most experienced provider of EICR inspections, certifications and other forms of electrical safety testing.

Our nationwide team of engineers is local to you, no matter where you are. Our company holds national standing and has full regulatory and industry accreditation. We do not outsource tasks to contractors and all inspectors are full time, highly trained operatives.

They are also highly experienced in the requirements of the modern company, and are able to enter your building, carry out the necessary tasks, and leave with minimal or zero interruption to your employees, customers and daily routine.

To learn more or to contact us to book an inspection, check out our EICR Services page.

To learn more about EICR Inspection, to get a quote, or simply to ask a query, please feel free to contact us now!

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