Project Services: schools

phs Compliance were commissioned by our Tier 1 facilities management client to replace ageing lighting and electrical accessories across primary and secondary schools in the North Midlands area. The existing bulbs were replaced with LED energy saving solutions and existing electrical accessories required full replacement throughout the buildings. Significant utilities cost savings and carbon emissions reduction are available with LED technology.

Each school was surveyed by phs Compliance to corroborate the building orientation & daylight levels, condition of the existing assets, and identify correct replacement lighting products for different areas within each school. We ensured that lux levels were fully compliant with HSE’s HSG38 Lighting at Work and CIBSE guidance. 

Our major challenge lay in completing the works during downtime in school summer holidays avoiding any disruption to school operational hours. Works could only be carried out using podiums or special access equipment and our engineers had to have PASMA and IPAF training in advance of the works.

phs Compliance scheduled, planned and mobilised all works so that from start to finish, these works were completed within a fortnight’s window during the summer break. We committed a dedicated Contract Manager to the project, and we rapidly scheduled start, deliveries & completion dates, communicating effectively with school caretakers and site contacts. All electrical waste was disposed of correctly according to WEEE regulations, and waste transfer notes were provided to our client.

We’ve effectively coordinated, mobilised and delivered project services for our client which have delivered significant value for money, sustainability and carbon emission reduction goals, and ongoing maintenance cost savings.
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