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phs Compliance began working with our 'Big Four' food and grocery retail customer in 2009, delivering fixed wire and portable appliance inspection and testing services across one hundred per cent of the estate. We also supply all remedial works and carry out preventive planned inspection of LV panels. Since 2013 we deliver these services annually to approximately 20% of the estate.

When LV panels in superstores require inspection, the entire electrical supply to store must be isolated. The implications of this isolation requirement are significant – not only must all electrical power & lighting, refrigeration, and mechanical services be shut down, retail trading hours cannot be disrupted in any way, nor can any loss be sustained to chilled and frozen stock held in store. The scale and geographical spread of the retail estate requires phs Compliance to work nationwide, across a variety of different retail unit operational requirements, and outside trading hours so as not to disrupt business operations.

phs Compliance assembled a dedicated and expert contract management team which included a dedicated Contract Manager and first point of contact, along with a Regional General Manager and a team of planners. Integrating our resources & expertise around our commitment to our customer has meant that superstore shut-down is efficiently carried out overnight following the end of Sunday trading hours; all liaision and joint working arrangements with other contractors & suppliers including the provision of alternative refrigeration power supply is planned and agreed well in advance of store shutdown; and all licenses or permits are issued well in advance.

phs Compliance has supported the effective management of our customers’ valuable retail estate with professional risk and compliance management services. The potential for incidents to impact upon brand reputation, retail operations and the value of stock in-store is reliably and effectively managed. Our efficient management of store shut-down and isolation has guaranteed that, on average, store-held stock worth £100k is fully protected.

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phs Compliance has supplied electrical test, inspection and installation services to our client for the past six years, and since 2013 have also delivered LV panel maintenance into superstores across the UK. Careful planning and scheduling has avoided disruption to stores, and provided continuity of store operations and trading.

phs Compliance deliver more than a service – it’s a comprehensive test, inspection and installation solution.


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