Statutory Inspection and test: critical infrastructure

In 2015 phs Compliance began supporting our customers' critical infrastructure by carrying out all electrical safety inspection, testing, remedial work and compliance reporting for four large managed data centres.

Our telecommunications client operates at scale, nationwide, and across technical, secure, critical and business infrastructures. Electrical inspection, testing & compliance work involved us in large sites providing physical server services ranging in size from 1000 to 5000 circuits.

Our primary challenge lay in ensuring that detailed inspection and test services were delivered without disruption to data centre operations. This meant all data hall inspection work had to be delivered out-of-hours whilst office inspections were scheduled for in-hours visits. Electrical supply to most data centres could be by-passed but one large data hall relied upon static switch gear. Extensive lengths of cable required inspection, floor tile by floor tile. phs Compliance engineers also had to meet the high technical skills specification demanded across all customer sites.

phs Compliance mobilised regional teams of engineers within two weeks of our site survey & quotations. Working closely with our customer contract manager in weekly scheduled meetings, we agreed appropriate timescales and ‘windows’ so that test and inspection work could proceed with no impact upon data centre operations. All compliance and rectification reporting was provided within ten working days of completion of testing.

phs Compliance has supported the safety and asset management of our customers' specialist data centres by comprehensively scheduling & delivering substantive planned and reactive electrical safety services, and overcoming significant challenges posed by complex operational requirements. 

As a result of effective partnership working and careful scheduling, our electrical safety test & inspection services fully support our customers' property and estates strategy.

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