Statutory Inspection and Test: NHS

phs Compliance began working with our client in 2015, delivering electrical fixed wire inspection and testing services across one hundred per cent of the hospital estate.

Completed in 2010 at a cost of £545m, the hospital was the first acute facility built in the region for over 70 years, with 30 surgical theatres and 44% of patient accommodation consisting of en-suite single rooms.

Inspection and testing in a highly operational hospital environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by our engineers, as well as by the site estates team. The requirement to isolate circuits for testing purposes in this environment is a significant responsibility, involving not just public areas, busy wards and A&E departments, but treatment wards, surgeries and operating theatres too.

Testing these areas in accordance with BS 7671 requires full cooperation of site staff and the hospital estates department. It is important to plan the work well in advance and inform all staff within the areas under inspection as to what phs Compliance engineers are there to achieve and any disruption that may result. We take a great deal of care to identify and mitigate customer concerns around isolation, downtime & alternative testing approaches such as thermal analysis or mains analysis.

phs Compliance completed a comprehensive site electrical report with minimal limitations. In addition to this we’ve updated asset spreadsheets with room numbers and test results, carrying out tests at each point of each circuit.

We’ve supported the effective management of this valuable estate with professional compliance services, working closely with site partners and coordinating carefully across phs Compliance operations.

Hospital corridor where a male consultant is speaking to a patient in a wheel chair and two female medical staff are following behind them


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