Statutory Inspection and Test: national pub chain

phs Compliance were awarded a major contract in 2010 with the pub chain's facilities management provider to deliver all mechanical & electrical safety inspection, testing, remedial work and compliance reporting for over 1500 pubs across the UK.

phs Compliance engineers deliver heating and gas boiler installation and maintenance, electrical installation (fixed-wire) and portable appliance testing, fire alarm & emergency lighting testing, and remedial works where needed.

Our planners also ensure that many common obstacles to gaining access are mitigated, most notably pub opening hours, and ensure that an effective time margin exists for arranging inspection prior to the site becoming non-compliant. Major defects are rectified immediately on-site, and remedial repairs have a guaranteed eight-week turnaround. 

All compliance reports are uploaded to the pub chain's statutory compliance database within ten days.

phs Compliance has delivered nationwide safety & compliance testing for all electrical, gas & fire systems across 1500 pubs. It’s a demanding contract, customer expectations are high, and service level agreements (SLA’s) are strict. No publican can afford excessive disruption to their business operations. Monthly SMS testing SLA’s cannot be breached, gas engineers are on 4/24/72 hour reactive callout for breakdowns, and remedial work has to be carried out within an eight week period.

phs Compliance have delivered very well against these tough standards

phs Compliance has scheduled & delivered planned and reactive mechanical & electrical safety services across a large nationwide estate, overcoming significant challenges posed by trading hours.

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