Project Services: commercial offices

Commercial office block from exterior view

Through our Tier 1 facilities management customer, we delivered mechanical installation and project works to one of their clients, the worlds’ largest provider of flexible workspace solutions with 3000 business centres spanning almost 900 cities.

Our installation project was delivered to a large contemporary business centre of circa 5000m² over four floors in Edinburgh providing 24/7 secure access, staffed reception with call answering, high-speed telecoms, well-equipped kitchen areas, 5 meeting rooms and onsite parking for permanent and hot desk clients.

The scope of works involved like-for-like replacement of two existing ageing boilers with new and all necessary modifications and improvement to plant room. Existing gas boilers were at least fifteen years old. phs Compliance worked closely with our partner and leading heating solutions provider Remeha across design and commissioning project phases. phs Compliance completed all pressure and system testing for site.

Access to boilers and the third-floor plant room was only available via a rear stairwell and a single frame door. Since physical access was highly restrictive, boilers had to be disassembled, broken down, built and installed in situ, using a battery-powered stair walker along with extensive manual handling of components. 

Existing flues were not compatible with the new installations, so new flues were installed alongside precise pipework modification and hot works carried out in situ to ensure the existing pipework remained compliant and functional. New burners extended the front fascia of the boiler housing, so to optimise subsequent planned maintenance activities, phs Compliance engineers rerouted pipework from the water tank to meet the new Riello RS70M burner requirements.

Throughout the boiler replacement works, heating services had to be maintained. At the time of these works, Scotland’s central belt region had over 15 cm of snow and ice on the ground and ambient daytime temperatures of -8°C. Each Remeha P420/10 boiler was installed individually, ensuring a minimum changeover period, and weekend working limited the potential for disruption to normal business operations. An area of car park to the rear of the property was cordoned off for site works, skips, deliveries and for the use of a cherry picker to install new flues.

The key short term benefit for our client lies in significantly improved asset reliability, with associated cost reduction in reactive maintenance and spare parts. Annual gains in energy efficiency are also valuable – with forecast 10% improvement in heating efficiency equating to around £2k per annum, our client can anticipate saving more than £30k over the lifetime of the new Remeha boilers.   

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