Built Asset Management: grocery retail

Our client, one of the UK’s ‘Big Four’ grocery retailers, needed technical expertise to better understand its building assets and facilities operations with specific reference to its superstores based in the Republic of Ireland. 

Our built asset management project captured asset information at over 34 superstores. 

And within our CAFM system we recorded asset data to enable a capital expenditure replacement forecast programme to be better defined.  

Senior property managers were able to better identify and quantify the value of electrical equipment assets held within their superstore, convenience store and forecourt operations. 

Asset categories requiring investigation as standardised reporting were defined by our client’s property management team and included:

  • identification of all assets present on all sites
  • installation dates and model/serial numbers
  • physical location of each asset within each store
  • maintenance status/ forthcoming maintenance requirements

Armed with this knowledge, our clients’ property managers ensured that annual compliance and maintenance programmes were scheduled in one visit, with replacement component parts sourced and procured in advance to align with maintenance inspection visits. 

Our data capture project identified over 20,000 equipment assets using our rugged mobile devices containing defined fields to ensure data consistency and synced all data to our client’s CAFM system. Fortunately, no ‘rogue’ assets were identified in this project. On average, phs Compliance finds that up to 40% of assets can be unknown, non-compliant liabilities. Comprehensive validation of the existence and value of known equipment assets was completed to budget and within the defined timescale of 15 days.

100% visibility of capital-intensive assets enables property managers to take informed optimised decisions on the performance of safe, compliant workplaces. Not only can many cost-efficiency savings be made to operational spend because of good asset data and risk management, safety risk mitigation through planned inspections and maintenance can be put in place.

We can’t measure and maintain what we don’t know exists. Which is why built asset data management is intrinsic to phs Compliance’s commitment to total compliance and optimal maintenance.


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