Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems provide a critical point of risk management not just for your buildings and people, but for electronic systems within your premises.

lightning protection rod with test probe under inspection by phs Compliance

Lightning protection systems must be annually tested and certified in line with manufacturer recommendations and according to legislative and non-statutory British standards including the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, BS 6651, BS 7430 and BS EN 62305.

Lightning protection inspection and certification services delivered by PHS Compliance include visual inspections of structural components as well as mechanical condition inspections of conductors, bonds, joints and earth electrodes. Critical system inspection can also be carried out depending on your own risk assessment processes.

Our inspection services support your due diligence and estates maintenance strategy, giving you total confidence that your premises, people and business-critical systems are safe from risk of lightning strike. 


Selection of our professional compliance Accreditations

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