Fire Detection & Warning Systems

Fire alarm systems are essential for providing detection and warning in the event of a fire. This can be critical in ensuring early warning to all occupants and supports a safe means of escape throughout a building. The alarm will be raised once a fire has been detected at its earliest possible stage providing adequate warning for evacuation.

fire alarm system panel awaiting annual statutory inspection by phs Compliance

Fire alarm system are required to be inspected at a minimum every 6 months in line with recommendations of BS 5839-1:2017 to ensure that they are fully operational and able to function adequately in the event of a fire being detected.

Our Fire & Security division provides a full 24/7 365 service with national coverage and regional expertise. 

And as with our other electrical and mechanical building engineering services, a national help-desk function and workflow scheduling is delivered from our head office.  


Selection of our professional compliance Accreditations

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