Don’t take a chance on commercial gas safety in hotels 

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Still in the grip of winter for some time yet, operational demands placed upon hotel heating systems are significant and often costly. But just as significant for hoteliers and general managers are statutory responsibilities for gas safety.

Carbon monoxide poisoning recently led to loss of life in one UK hotel. Ventilation, leak detection and fail-safe systems are integral to ensuring that gas installations are safe and in good working order.

Statutory inspection and planned maintenance do play a critical role in keeping your guests, employees, brand and property safe from risk of harm. 

As a proportion of annual maintenance spend, most commercial gas safety checks occupy a modest budget line but one which represents a critical threshold for life safety. 

Typically, statutory inspections for gas-fired heating and hot water systems should take no more than one or two days out of 365 trading days, with inspection and maintenance scheduled outside times of peak demand.

And competent building services engineers can also verify that commercial gas appliances have built-in safety mechanisms to prevent carbon monoxide leakage, or to check that fire alarm systems possess similar safety features. Interlocking controls also increase the efficiency of your system and ensure that no fuel is wasted.

In the past year alone, phs Compliance has carried out gas safety checks on more than 20,000 commercial gas appliances. 11% of appliances we inspected were defective due to faulty installation or poor maintenance.

Make sure your maintenance provider is competent to conduct statutory safety inspections for commercial gas appliances and installations, to report and repair defects, and certify your gas appliances as compliant. Just check the Gas Safe Register website for approved competent suppliers. It only takes moments to verify the technical competence needed to protect the life safety of your hotel guests, employees and visitors. 

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