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phs Compliance began working with our Tier 1 facilities management firm’s central government customer delivering HVAC planned preventive maintenance (PPM) to internal and externally-mounted equipment located on a modern-build 3000m² unit.

Maintaining the efficiency of expensive and ageing capital assets presents significant technical as well as cost challenges. Our customer was constrained by both ageing infrastructure - the average age of HVAC units is >ten years old - and planned occupancy levels across site which could not justify return on capex. Replacement parts from OEM's were no longer available so alternative solutions have to be found. Out-of-hours and joint working with on-site client facilities managers was also required to complete works as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

phs Compliance HVAC engineers made extensive bespoke repairs to HVAC units in order to ensure continued operation, including using parts from other infrequently-utilised HVAC assets on-site to avoid replacing entire units. By doing this the client avoided significant replacement capex spend of circa £300k, and ensured that their HVAC units remained fully operational. Works scheduling was done well in advance and regular works updates were provided to site facilities managers.

phs Compliance has designed & implemented significant repair works as part of a PPM works programme. With expert project management & effective communications, we’ve not just delivered a works programme speedily and efficiently with minimal disruption. We’ve helped this client avoid significant spend of circa £300,000 on a full replacement programme.  


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